In this sophisticated world, one often finds oneself in a struggle with power, fame, money, attention and many other unnecessary entities of life. I seek to find a simple life, uncomplicated yet meaningful. A lot more important elements of life are waiting to be discovered. Live your life to the fullest.


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Sunday, October 04, 200910:53 am
An Ending and A Beginning

Hi there! In case you visit my blog after a really long absence on my part, let me apologise for not updating first.

If I tell you I am busy with work and stuffs, I am lying to you. If I want to update my blog, I would have done it even though I am busy. Excuses have been a great companion for many of us. So it is time to stop all these proscatinating and just do what you have been wanting to do!

I will stop updating my current blog from now on, and this shall be my last entry if nothing goes wrong. Probably no one reads now anyway.

What will I be doing then?

I have been undergoing a Fitness Training course recently. I shall and hope to be a certified Personal Trainer in time to come. Being part of has taught me a lot of things about fitness and the way of living a healthy life.

Not selling anything here or promoting myself, but you probably can find more infomation about me over there in time to come.

So I guess this marks an end to a stage in my life and also a beginning to another.

To all my friends out there, do keep in contact via Facebook and msn, not forgetting the email and sms and of course, I am always a phone call away.

Lastly, I really hate growing up. How I wish I could return to my child hood days..

All right, enough of crap.

Remeber to speak your thought and walk the talk. Do not try, you either do it or not.

Set your goal on doing something right now! Thanks and goodbye!

Wee Sin.


Tuesday, July 07, 200910:21 pm
Butterfly Tales 3 Langkawi 2009

Hello there.

It has been quite a while. Just came back from my Langkawi trip a couple of weekends ago. Didn't managed to upload the photos here since blogspot has some problems earlier on. And I am too lazy to try. Have uploaded them on my Facebook account anyway.

The trip was very nice. Rented a car for two days and drove around the small island visiting some of the more popular places. These included the Eagle Bay, Seven Wells, Cable car trip up the Sky Walk, Kuah town, Padi field etc. Didn't really spent a lot of time on the beach. But some of the beaches are really nice.

It took us about an hour of plane ride to the island itself. Compared to the other time to Tioman where I had to travel 3 hours on coach and then wait for a few hours to get a ferry ride and then another 2 hours of ferry, this is considered a luxury.

Would really recommend this place for a quick weekend get-away. Spend about 3 or 4 days there would be nice.

I would really like to try the tennis court over there. It is so under utilised!

Lastly, congrats to Federer. You are back to where you belong once again! Cheers!


Sunday, June 21, 200910:05 am
Tioman Pics Belated

The Tioman pics are here finally. Enjoy!

The End.


Tuesday, June 16, 20098:42 pm
Random Thoughts

It has been a while since I last blogged.

Am on night shift this week, so you might not find me available during the night time. Anyway, weekend is coming soon, looking forward to it. Half way there.

Nowadays, I am kind of always looking forward to weekends and payday. I guess that is the happiest time of the month for me.

Looking back at my life now as a working adult, it is really different from the days of the school. Weekdays, I am almost brain-dead after a long day from work, with occasional workout/tennis/dinner/salsa to keep me from feeling numb(all the work and stress) and to make me feel like a person living.

Weekends, I try to spend time with Butterfly and tennis has almost become regular sport for me now. Kind of a norm now for badminton players to switch to tennis after years of playing. I think it is nice to try out some new sports and pick up a new passion out of them. Motivates you, giving you a sense of achievement.

I just hope everything turns out smooth this week. See ya folks!


Sunday, May 24, 200910:10 pm
The Other Way

I wrote the following while doing some self-reflection after dinner at the hill top near my house:

It was the other way round this particular evening. Usually I will jog around the park near my home and watch people sitting on the benches and playing at the playground. This time round I have the urge to go up the hill, pick a comfortable spot and people watch. For once I was on the bench and they were running. You then wonder in life if things should always be the same. Everything must be in order? Sometimes it feels good to make some changes to the routine life one is leading. The sun has just set. It is turning dark soon. It was a refreshing sit. People just zoom past you and you wonder how long more before you are going to see them again after another lap. There are also some who stroll leisurely, taking their time. Different paces in life. What about mine?

The above was type using the office mobile of HTC Touch 3G phone. And to prove this, a picture taken using my mobile phone:

And ended the day with a nice talk with CH about life.


Monday, May 18, 20099:15 pm
Back to Work

It is back to normal working hours for me. Last week was hectic due to the night shift. I am glad to go over JB with butterfly over the weekend for a short get away.

Some issues surfaces during our stay over in JB but I am glad it turn out well in the end.

Couples will have differences in one way or another, at any point of time, under any circumstances and whatever big or small the matter is.

But I think handling it well is not easy and takes both party to reciprocate.

Not difficult to guess what picture I am trying to paint here. Important thing is the picture turns out nice. :)


Wednesday, May 13, 20098:12 pm
On night shift

Doing night shift this week and I have two more nights to go.

It might appears that I have MIA, but no worries, I am still around.

Work has been stressful and busy. Made some mistakes, learn from them and hope will grow from there. That's life I suppose.

Setbacks suppose to slow you down, but yet make you stronger.

Will be at JB this weekend, so you know when it when I never reply your sms or call.

Take care all.

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